Field Courses

Ceiba is more than an organization, we are a community of researchers, conservationists, and educators. We believe that each skill set contributes to the others: education transmits the discoveries of research programs; research informs our conservation decisions; conservation is integrated with rural community development; communities are empowered by educational programs.  The result is a multi-faceted, integrative, and participatory approach to conservation education, in the broadest sense of the world. We invite you to explore our field courses and community programs in more detail, and to consider coming to Ecuador to lend a hand to the conservation programs that are transforming a coastal landscape.

The Tropical Conservation Semester accepts rolling admissions.  Click here to apply for this one-of-a-kind educational adventure, and receive 16 honors credits from UW Madison.

Field Courses

We offer a diverse set of study abroad programs that focus on tropical ecology, conservation, and sustainable community development.  Both summer and semester-length programs are available, in both Ecuador and Belize.  Some courses are taught using a hybrid model that combines online content and intensive field visits; other programs, including the Tropical Conservation Semester, are given entirely in-country.  More info …

Community Programs

Rural communities in Ecuador are thirsty for knowledge and deeply grateful for the contributions made by outsiders who come to lend their skills for a few weeks or months.  Ceiba has a number of ongoing volunteer and internship programs that provide visitors a range of opportunities for applying their skills, acquiring new experiences, and supporting local peoples.  More info on Volunteer Opportunities and on Conservation Internships.