Apply Now

To apply to volunteer with the Ceiba Foundation, please complete the following steps (note that Ceiba will not consider an application until all three steps are completed):

1. Fill out the volunteer application

2. Email us with

1. Your resumé, CV, or a description of your skills, experience, and interests

2. A clear color photocopy of your passport (photo page)

3. Pay the $25 application fee

Pay online through Network for Good* (for applicants outside the US, use PayPal) or

Send a check to our US office

Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
Volunteer Coordinator
301 S. Bedford St., Suite 7A
Madison, WI 53703

*Network For Good is like PayPal for nonprofits, and charges 5% in fees. If you elect to pay online, please indicate the purpose of the payment, check the box to add the 5% service charge, and fill in all contact information.

Why do we charge a non-refundable application fee? It takes a fair amount of administrative work to manage the volunteer program and prepare for the arrival of a volunteer. Unfortunately, some volunteers that apply and are accepted cancel at the last minute or never show up, so these administrative costs are borne whether the volunteer joins us or not. Thus we charge for administration of volunteers up front.

You will be notified within 2-4 weeks of receipt of your application materials if your application has been approved.  We may request to interview you, particularly for positions that require specific skills.  Due to the volume of applicants, negative replies will not be mailed, however you may contact Ceiba at your convenience to check on the status of your application.