Current Internship Positions

Below are our current internship positions. Please contact us with questions regarding any of these opportunities.  Ready to apply?


Wildlife Monitoring

Collect data on wildlife in threatened dry forests through camera trapping, road surveys, and field observations. Internship Description (PDF). Apply!


Environmental Education and Teacher Training

Improve environmental education capacity in rural Ecuador through teacher training, nature trips, and youth programs. Internship Description (PDF)Apply!


Water Quality Community-Based Research

Monitor streams and drinking water and investigate linkages between water quality, land use, and public health. Internship Description (PDF). Apply!


Coastal Conservation Corridor

Gain first-hand experience as Ceiba works to establish a biological corridor and restore coastal dry forests. Internship Description (PDF)Apply!

 Agroforestry Planting


Expand and maintain an organic agroforestry demonstration plot and collect data for its long-term monitoring. Internship Description (PDF). Apply!


Communications and Media

Harness the power of media to help Ceiba get its conservation message out to the world! Internship Description (PDF)Apply!